RoboSticks V1.1


Welcome to the future of education! RoboSticks V1.1 is Pakistan’s first and most advanced educational robotic kit, designed to ignite the spark of innovation and curiosity in learners of all ages. With a plethora of exciting features, RoboSticks V1.1 is your gateway to the world of robotics, coding, and limitless possibilities.

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That sounds like an exciting development in the field of robotics education! To provide more information about RoboSticks V1.1 and its components, you might want to include a detailed list of what is included in the kit. Typically, an educational robotic kit would include components like:

1. Robotic Hardware:
– Microcontroller or main processing unit (Arduino UNO)
– Motors and wheels for movement
– Sensors (ultrasonic, Infrared)
– LED lights
– Buzzers
– Resistors
– Buttons
– Motor Driver

2. Connectivity:
– Bluetooth module for wireless communication
– USB cables for programming and power

3. Power Supply:
– Battery pack or power source

4. Mechanical Parts:
– Building Blocks for building the robot
– Wheels, gears, and other mechanical components

5. Electronics and Accessories:
– Breadboard and jumper wires for circuit building
– Various electronic components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.
– Screws, nuts, and other assembly hardware
– User manual or educational materials

6. Software:
– Programming environment or software tools for coding the robot
– Sample code or programming tutorials

7. Additional Features:
– It’s worth highlighting any unique or advanced features that set RoboSticks V1.1 apart from other educational robotic kits.

Including a detailed list like this can help potential customers understand what they can expect from RoboSticks V1.1 and how it can be used for educational purposes.



Number of Building Blocks

55 building blocks


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