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IR Infrared Obstacle Detection Sensor Module for Arduino by RoboSticks

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IR Infrared  Obstacle Detection Sensor Module for Arduino consists of two tubes. one is transmitting and the second is receiving. it also has a green color indicator. it works on 3.3V to 5V level. It consists of three pins. VCC, GND, Output. its range is 2cm to 8cm.


Applications of Infrared Receivers: These infrared receivers are widely found in consumer products like TV remote controls. these IR receivers are also used in infrared ports such as PDAs, laptops, and computers. these are also present in home theatres, cable or satellite receivers, VCRs, DVDs, and Blu-ray players. these are also available in audio amplifiers. these IR sensors can also be found in the industrial, military, aerospace, and photography markets. Package Included: One Piece of IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module


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